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Kiwie Bonnets

Yakima yakimadaniel@yahoo.com

For months I have been seeing ladies on YouTube and on Pinterest making hair bonnets. I figured I'd try it one day.  BUT FIRST....

One day a good friend with Dreadlocks visited the boutique and he requested something original and something that would suit him. As I looked at him, I thought of a Dreadlocks cap made from African Print fabric, lined with Satin. I only made one though. (I know he is mad because I have not made any more. My bad!) But at that moment, I said, let me try to make those bonnets that I've seen online :) and TADAHHHH!!!! 



The beauty about these bonnets...
1. Fabulous african/ankara print fabric on the outside
2. Satin on the inside
3. The satin keeps the oil from going on to your pillow (this is definitely a WIN for me)
4. You look cute around the house or sleeping :)
5. You can run to the grocery store in it, cause you'll look cute!! :)


Be sure to get yours. We have different sizes:
1. Kids
2. Adult Medium (normal bonnet)
3. Adult Large (for long locs and long braided styles)

Visit the boutique or shop online. Don't see something, shoot me a message :) 

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